Sep 9, 2010

Who's Ready for Some Football??

Tonight is the official beginning to the NFL season. The game tonight will be a rematch of last season's NFC Championship with the Vikings taking on the Super Bowl Champion Saints. If this game is anything like the championship game it WILL NOT disappoint. The Saints will be super hyped for their first game as defending champs. There is also the Reggie Bush drama surrounding the cheating scandal. Then there is of course Brett Farve returning for his almost 100th season. Check it out tonight at 8pm on NBC.

Sep 8, 2010

Vampire Diaries Season 2 Premiere

Its that time of year where all the Fall shows are starting up again. The first of my recommendations to start again is Vampire Diaries. If you love any kind of vampires, whether its True Blood or Twilight, I promise the drama in this show will keep you entertained. This is just the second season so you can easily rent the first season and catch up while you record the second season. In this season Katherine makes her return in a big way. I'm excited to see how this love rectangle is gonna work out. Damon is my personal favorite vampire but you can decide for your self this Thursday, September 9 at 8 pm.

Sep 4, 2010

Kanye Gets Deep on Twitter

So, this morning I woke and did my morning twitter check which, usually just involves late night tweets from my west coast friends. But today was different; today Kanye West graced the twitter world with his deep thoughts. He apologized to Taylor and the world 140 characters at a time. I not a big fan of him on twitter but today I was happy I was following him. So for those of you who don't have a twitter or have one but don't follow him here it is from start to finish. Enjoy.

Jun 23, 2010

Team USA Victorious in South Africa

The World Cup for group C began with team USA and England being the favorites to advance from the group but today as the last games of the group stage were about to begin both teams found themselves trailing Slovenia by 2 points. 

Of course there were multiple scenarios for either one, both, or neither of them to advance. The easy route for both teams to the round of 16 was simple; win and your in.

May 13, 2010

Our King Without a Crown or a Ring

As I am sure most of you know LeBron "King" James is probably the most hyped about player in any of the 3 major sports. He is currently in his 7th season of his highly talked about career and this season was supposed to be "the season" when he finally breaks through and wins that first NBA title. Yet, all the promise of this season has nearly faded and King James finds himself in a tough predicament. His team is now down 3-2 in a best of seven series with the Boston Celtics. Even with their home court advantage the Cavaliers have managed to lose 2 games at home in this series in which King James has played more like a peasant than a king. The much anticipated Game 6 is tonight in Boston at 8 p.m. EST (5 p.m.  PST). You can watch for yourself tonight on ESPN (for those of you not able to get to a t.v can watch the online broadcast on ) and see if our King can keep hope alive for finally getting his ring and crown or if he will just be a lowly peasant until next season.

If You Love the Twilight Vampires Then You Will Love This

The season finale of the CW's Vampire Diaries is tonight. If you like everything vampire then you will love this show. Like Twilight Vampire Diaries is based off a series of books but unlike Twilight these books were written in the early 90's. I love this show! There is so much drama. It of course is complete with it's own love triangle; and what kind of love triangle would it be if it didn't have two vampire brothers in love with the same girl. Trust me when I tell you that you don't want to miss this season finale. Even if this will be your first episode I promise it will be worth it when the second season starts; and yes you will be dying to watch the second season. Anyways, the episode is tonight May 13 at 8 p.m. on the CW. Check out the season finale trailer below.

May 11, 2010

US Men's Preliminary 30-Man World Cup Roster Released

This morning I set my alarm clock to make sure that I was up at 11 a.m. so that I could watch the release of the US World Cup roster live. This roster for camp consist of 30 people, 7 of which will not be playing in South Africa next month because you can only carry 23 people on the roster to South Africa. Overall I am really excited about the players that were chosen. The roster is as follows: 

The Season and Possibly Series Finale of One Tree Hill

Well next Monday's episode of One Tree Hill will be the season finale to it's 7th season. It could also be the finale to the entire series, since the show has not yet been picked up by the CW for it's 8th season.

May 9, 2010

Amazing Race Season Finale

The season finale of CBS' "The Amazing Race" is tonight. The final 3 teams will be traveling to San Fransisco for the final leg of their trip around the world. My personal favorite team, the cowboy brothers Jet and Cord, will be departing 2nd. Dan and Jordan, who are also brothers, will be the 3rd team to depart. The first team to depart will be the surprise team Brent and Catie. Catie is famous for.. *how do I say this nicely*.. failing to articulate her thoughts correctly on the Miss Teen USA pageant. If you don't know what I am talking about Google her (Catie Upton). I am actually shocked at how well Catie and Brent have been doing in the race but I still want Jet and Cord to bring home the money. Regardless of who wins I know I will still enjoy watching the journey. Be sure to check out the season finale on CBS tonight at 8 pm.

Apr 26, 2010

NFL Draft Review

The much anticipated 2010 NFL Draft was this past weekend; the first round was held live during prime time on Thursday. Of source there it is no surprise that QB Sam Bradford and DT Ndamukong Suh were drafted number one and two to the St. Louis Rams and the Detroit Lions respectively. The surprise of the Draft was definitely that the Denver Broncos took QB Tim Tebow in the first round at number 25 overall. It has been largely publicized that most scouts don't believe that Tebow will make a good NFL QB even though he has had an enormously successful college career. Most believed that the Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen would be drafted well ahead of Tebow, but instead he was drafted 16th in the second round by the Carolina Panthers. The other highly talked about QB Colt McCoy coming out of Texas was drafted 21st in the third round. WR Jordan Shipley who also had a decent college career in Texas with McCoy was draft just before him by the Cincinnati Bengals. Some other notable pick ups are: RB C.J. Spiller (Buffalo Bills), WR Dez Bryant (Dallas Cowboys), CB Kyle Wilson (NY Jets), and S Earl Tomas (Seattle Seahawks). The NFL Draft is always a huge event were everyone gives their opinion of the players'  abilities but no one will know how well these players are and how great a team did in the draft until they get on the field and start playing. The best part about the draft to me though is getting to see how happy the mothers of the players are to see their son's dream come true.

Apr 20, 2010

Soccer Was His Destiny... See How He Got There.

Today I was watching a new episode of ESPN's E:60 and they did a piece on US Soccer star Clint Dempsey. Now if you are like me and you have been following US Soccer over the past few years you would know how good Clint really is; but for those of you know that don't check out the video after the jump of one of his amazing goals. Anyways, the piece on him was amazing because it just makes you realize that you don't really know what it took for someone to get to where they are now. So since I can't find the video of the E:60 segment I will just tell his story.

Apr 3, 2010

Did You Go Mad for the Madness in March?

The NCAA Basketball Tournament (March Madness) is wrapping up this weekend in Indianapolis, Indiana. The the Final Four games are today. The first game will have the two 5 seeds to make the Final Four, Butler and Michigan State, going head to head. The second game will be the only 1 seed to make the Final Four, Duke vs. West Virginia, which is the only 2 seed to make the Final Four. As most of you who made a bracket for the tournament already know, the biggest story of the tournament was that the overall number 1 seed Kansas was eliminated in only the second round by number 9 seed University of Northern Iowa. But the elimination of Kansas is March's news. We will see after this weekend who is going to be April's news. The games can be seen live on CBS with coverage beginning at 1 pm (pst) and the first game beginning at 3 pm (pst). Watch it and let me know who you think will win it all in the Championship game on Monday.

Apr 2, 2010

Final Two in America's Best Dance Crew

The next to last episode of MTV's America's Best Dance Crew aired tonight. The two teams in the bottom battled it out for the judges to make the ultimate decision of who would compete in the finals and who would be sent home. If you want to know which two teams made the finals and see their final performances check out the next page.

Apr 1, 2010

Fools Premiering on April Fools

Tonight Fox News is premiering a new show, Real American Stories, hosted by everyone's favorite idiotic politician Sarah Palin. I guess it's fitting that this is premiering on April Fools because everything involving Sarah Palin and Fox News is a joke. Parts of twitter have been a buzz of this story for a couple of days now so I decided to explain it.

Need Another Way to Pass the Time? I Found It!

My binge of late night television concluded with Last Call with Carson Daly. If you haven't had the chance to check out Last Call in awhile, they have made a dramatic change to the show. It's not taped in a studio anymore, all the shooting takes place on location. I love the informality of the show now. There is such a Southern California chill environment that seems like a much more suitable fit for Carson than the normal suit and tie...

An Amazing Talent on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

So, I was watching NBC all night last night so I eventually cycled through all the late night shows. Of course in the middle of NBC's late night programming is Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Last night's episode featured Tyler Perry promoting his new movie Why Did I Get Married Too? (which will be released nationwide tomorrow Friday April 2, 2010) and this amazing improvisational painter named Dan Dunn. Dunn's art really got my attention. He doesn't just paint he entertains. In just minutes he created a piece of Ray Charles that I couldn't make in 20 years! Don't believe me check out his segment on Fallon after the jump and if your sill interested in his work check out his website

Mar 31, 2010

Can You Win it in a Minute??

Wednesday nights are pretty slow for me tv wise with the exception of the NBC medical drama Mercy. So, like most Wednesdays at 8pm I turned to NBC expecting to see the newest episode of my only Wednesday drama; but what I found was not Mercy (which returns Wed. April 21, @8pm). I found a new game show, Minute to Win It, where people come on and compete to win a million dollars by completing 10 games which require little to no skills. The contestants earn money by completing each game in under 60 seconds (hence the minute), the games get progressively harder as they continue until they either use all three of their lifelines, decide to dropout of the competition, or win it all. The woman in the episode I saw went home with an easy 50K. All I could think of while watching this show was "damn, how do I sign up? I need to get in on this easy money". All in all I enjoyed the show check out the episode I saw on the next page and let me know if you think you can win it in a minute.