Mar 31, 2010

Can You Win it in a Minute??

Wednesday nights are pretty slow for me tv wise with the exception of the NBC medical drama Mercy. So, like most Wednesdays at 8pm I turned to NBC expecting to see the newest episode of my only Wednesday drama; but what I found was not Mercy (which returns Wed. April 21, @8pm). I found a new game show, Minute to Win It, where people come on and compete to win a million dollars by completing 10 games which require little to no skills. The contestants earn money by completing each game in under 60 seconds (hence the minute), the games get progressively harder as they continue until they either use all three of their lifelines, decide to dropout of the competition, or win it all. The woman in the episode I saw went home with an easy 50K. All I could think of while watching this show was "damn, how do I sign up? I need to get in on this easy money". All in all I enjoyed the show check out the episode I saw on the next page and let me know if you think you can win it in a minute.

P.S. For those of you like me who want to know how to get on this game show here are the instructions on how to become a contestant.

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