Apr 2, 2010

Final Two in America's Best Dance Crew

The next to last episode of MTV's America's Best Dance Crew aired tonight. The two teams in the bottom battled it out for the judges to make the ultimate decision of who would compete in the finals and who would be sent home. If you want to know which two teams made the finals and see their final performances check out the next page.

So America voted Poreotix and Hype 5-0 into the bottom and saved Blueprint Crew. I instantly thought "well this is the end of the road for Hype" and of course I was right. I personally think they were one of the weaker dance crews they just were able to skate by until tonight to just get eliminated right before the finals. My personal favorite is Poreotix, they have so much personality I love it. But, I do think that Blueprint Crew is pretty good competition for them. In keeping with ABDC tradition the final two teams got the chance to create their own music for their final dance this time they had the help of Swizz Beatz. I think that Poreotix conveyed who they are as a dance crew better than Blueprint Crew but maybe I am being a little biased since they are my favs. :) The votes are going to be close, so if you love one crew go support them by voting here; I did! Voting is open all the way up until the day of the final episode next Thursday so get on your computers and vote! As promised here are the videos of the 2 final performances.

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