May 9, 2010

Amazing Race Season Finale

The season finale of CBS' "The Amazing Race" is tonight. The final 3 teams will be traveling to San Fransisco for the final leg of their trip around the world. My personal favorite team, the cowboy brothers Jet and Cord, will be departing 2nd. Dan and Jordan, who are also brothers, will be the 3rd team to depart. The first team to depart will be the surprise team Brent and Catie. Catie is famous for.. *how do I say this nicely*.. failing to articulate her thoughts correctly on the Miss Teen USA pageant. If you don't know what I am talking about Google her (Catie Upton). I am actually shocked at how well Catie and Brent have been doing in the race but I still want Jet and Cord to bring home the money. Regardless of who wins I know I will still enjoy watching the journey. Be sure to check out the season finale on CBS tonight at 8 pm.

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