Apr 1, 2010

Need Another Way to Pass the Time? I Found It!

My binge of late night television concluded with Last Call with Carson Daly. If you haven't had the chance to check out Last Call in awhile, they have made a dramatic change to the show. It's not taped in a studio anymore, all the shooting takes place on location. I love the informality of the show now. There is such a Southern California chill environment that seems like a much more suitable fit for Carson than the normal suit and tie...

Anyways, the spotlight last night was on this guy Matthew Inman. Inman is a 27 year old successful web designer who among other things has developed a hugely successful online dating website (which he already sold) that now gets over 40 million hits per month. Even though he was pretty successful he hated what he was doing so he decide to make his own website with funny comics, quizzes, and other random things that I absolutely love! His website, TheOatmeal.com, has of course become hugely successful as well. He is currently working on a book that will be a large collection of his work. In the meantime until the book is done go check out the site it's a great way to pass the time online. Trust me you will love it!

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  1. i found another one (besides words with friends), courtesy of my classmate and it's for a good cause: www.freerice.com