Apr 26, 2010

NFL Draft Review

The much anticipated 2010 NFL Draft was this past weekend; the first round was held live during prime time on Thursday. Of source there it is no surprise that QB Sam Bradford and DT Ndamukong Suh were drafted number one and two to the St. Louis Rams and the Detroit Lions respectively. The surprise of the Draft was definitely that the Denver Broncos took QB Tim Tebow in the first round at number 25 overall. It has been largely publicized that most scouts don't believe that Tebow will make a good NFL QB even though he has had an enormously successful college career. Most believed that the Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen would be drafted well ahead of Tebow, but instead he was drafted 16th in the second round by the Carolina Panthers. The other highly talked about QB Colt McCoy coming out of Texas was drafted 21st in the third round. WR Jordan Shipley who also had a decent college career in Texas with McCoy was draft just before him by the Cincinnati Bengals. Some other notable pick ups are: RB C.J. Spiller (Buffalo Bills), WR Dez Bryant (Dallas Cowboys), CB Kyle Wilson (NY Jets), and S Earl Tomas (Seattle Seahawks). The NFL Draft is always a huge event were everyone gives their opinion of the players'  abilities but no one will know how well these players are and how great a team did in the draft until they get on the field and start playing. The best part about the draft to me though is getting to see how happy the mothers of the players are to see their son's dream come true.

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