Oct 26, 2011

Scott Hall the Man Behind Razor Ramon

How great of a show is E:60? I feel like I'm always in tears and completely inspired to conquer the world after watching each episode. This one was of course no different, the story that got to me the most was about professional wrestler Scott Hall a.k.a Razor Ramon. When I was younger I loved wrestling, I watched Monday night Raw religiously every Monday night at 9 pm.

For a while in the 90's it was almost impossible to go anywhere without seeing an nWo t-shirt. The camera was great at showing the rise to stardom of Razor Ramon, who was one of the founding members of nWo, but what the the camera didn't show was Scott Hall's addiction problems. E:60 did a great job of shedding light on the amazing career of Razor Ramon and the substance addiction of Scott Hall. Check it out below, I promise it's worth all 18 minutes.

P.s: If E:60 would have been around when I was younger I probably would be an aspiring journalist right now.

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