Jan 9, 2011

Kanye & Jay-Z, The Game, and The Social Network All on 1.11.11

January 11, 2011 is sure to be busy day because people love dates with the same number. I'm sure countless people will be tying the knot but 1.11.11 will be busy for reasons other than marriage. One reason is because this is the release date for the much anticipated single "H.A.M" off of Kanye West and Jay-Z's project Watch The Throne. Mr. West tweeted the artwork for the single earlier this week. The second reason is the return of the popular tv show The Game. After being canceled by the CW in 2009 BET has picked the show up for new episodes. The fourth season begins with the 1 hour season premiere at 10pm. One the film front, The Social Network will be released to DVD on Tuesday. The film has 6 Golden Globe nominations including Best Picture. With all this to watch and listen to what will you be doing on 1.11.11?

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